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It’s a sad fact that every year thousands of cats and dogs fall ill or have an accident or injury and with the average cost of emergency treatment following a road traffic accident at the vets costing over £500, or a cruciate ligament operation costing perhaps as much as £2,500 costs can soon make a hole in the budget.

If your pet is unlucky enough to develop a condition that requires on going treatment such as arthritis, heart or skin problems costs can really start to rise. Modern drugs and developments in technology have brought considerable advances in pet care, but with it the cost of investigative work is rising, for example an MRI scan or set of x-rays costing anything up to £1,500 and £240 respectively.

Why choose Sterling Pet Solutions Insurance?

  • Choice of 4 different levels of vet fees
  • We can insure a pet of any age (from 2 months)
  • Vet fees excess of just £50 per condition in your first year
  • 10% discount when you insure more than 1 pet
  • Quick treatment - there's no need to consult us first if your pet is referred for specialist treatment by your vet
  • Cover for complementary treatment, clinical diets and behavioural problems
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost

Insuring two or more pets?

10% multi-pet discount to the vets fees cover

If you insure two or more pets with us you will be entitled to a multi-pet discount. This means a 10% discount off the premium for each new pet that you insure, in addition to any other offers.

Our quotes are individual to each pet depending on the benefits you select, their breed and age (with each pet having their own separate policy to reflect this).

If you already have a policy with us, and wish to add a further Pet please call us on 03332 205526.

Please carefully read the Policy Wording for the full terms & conditions of the policy, to ensure that the policy is right for you, as there are some exclusions and limitations. We do not give advice and are not making a personal recommendation based on your individual circumstances that the policy is suitable for your needs. There may be other products in the market with varying terms and premiums.

*Discounts vary depending on your Costco membership type and are applicable to the vets fees cover only.